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In a fiercely competitive landscape among other tech companies, Ant Group's recruitment objective was clear: to create a warm and inviting recruitment atmosphere that would resonate with potential candidates on a personal level.


To achieve this, we recognized the need to consolidate the recruitment efforts of various departments under the corporate group. This consolidation was necessary to present a unified look and feel, reinforcing the strength and coherence of Ant Group as an employer of choice.


Brand identity


To establish a distinct identity for our recruitment efforts, I spearheaded the creation of a new branding strategy.

Central to this strategy was the creation of a branding identity and the revamp of our existing Ant mascot, together with a 3d design team, injecting it with a fresh and vibrant personality unique to recruitment. 

We aimed to establish a working environment at Ant Group that would make future candidates feel at home and foster a strong sense of belonging. To achieve this, we recognized the importance of building an emotional connection with prospective employees and integrating a personal touch from the company to them. This concept was best captured in the notion of creating a "25 degrees corporate environment."


To achieve our goal, we embarked on the process of creating a cohesive brand identity that would unify and streamline the diverse recruitment efforts undertaken by different teams and departments within the Group.


By establishing a consistent and recognisable brand image, we aimed to present a unified front and convey a sense of cohesion to potential candidates.

To infuse a personal touch into our brand identity, we decided to incorporate a casual handwriting font. This choice symbolized a friendly and warm atmosphere, aligning with our goal of creating a more inviting recruitment experience.

Our revamped mascot is a fresh update that caters specifically to interns and fresh entrants, creating a more engaging and relatable experience. The new mascot embodies a modern aesthetic that draws inspiration from tech culture and the aspirations of young talent. It now sports a trendy tech hoodie and proudly wears the Ant's employee lanyard. The overall look is sporty, casual, and cool while still remaining relatable. 



As part of our recruitment campaign, we have developed a series of WeChat ads featuring our employees as advocates. Our goal is to inspire and encourage potential interns by showcasing the experiences and successes of our current team members.

Each WeChat ad highlights a different employee and their unique journey within our organization through a personal quote. We emphasised their personal growth, achievements, and the opportunities they have encountered. Through their stories, we aim to demonstrate the transformative impact of joining our team as an intern.

Using the newly developed mascot as the center piece of our recruitment campaign, we have created a range of publicity materials to engage our target audience. These materials include social media WeChat posts, posters, and publicity talks, as well as virtual sharing sessions.



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