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Brand identity

Product launches

Social media design


2015 - 2018


In 2014, Xiaomi, then hailed as the world's most valuable startup, was rapidly growing and targeting markets in Southeast Asia (SEA), Hong Kong, Taiwan, and India. To effectively communicate with consumers in these regions, I was hired as their global design lead.


As Xiaomi's first global marketing team designer, I translated the brand for Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and India. I localised marketing materials, designed product launches, recruited designers, and fostered a cohesive brand experience that integrated Xiaomi's values with international customer expectations.

During my tenure at Xiaomi, I played a key role in successful product launches in India. I led the creation of engaging product presentations and orchestrated branded launch events in collaboration with various teams. Over three years, I strategically designed online and offline marketing campaigns, contributing to Xiaomi's position as India's leading smartphone brand.


Collaborating with product marketing and social media teams, I had the opportunity to craft compelling brand communication content and narratives.


I was responsible for developing visually appealing event materials for Mi community events and creating engaging content for the forum.


The Mi community holds immense significance for Xiaomi, as it serves as a hub for dedicated Mi fans. To foster and nurture relationships with them, Xiaomi actively involves them in discussions and offline events such as the Mi Pop event.



In order to foster active participation and engagement among Mi fans on the Mi forums, I came up with an  idea of creating a mini-app called "Throwback with Mi." This app aimed to track and celebrate important milestones achieved by fans on their forum accounts.


By personalising their forum experience, "Throwback with Mi" left a lasting digital memento for each fan to cherish. The app served as an encouraging platform, motivating Mi fans to post and actively engage with one another, while also creating a sense of community and nostalgia.



In addition to product launches and community events, we actively engaged Mi fans through our official Mi social media channels. To enhance this interaction, I assembled a dedicated team of designers focused solely on social media engagement, while I provided the overall art direction and theme.


This streamlined approach ensured prompt responses and consistently delivered high-quality posts that resonated with our valued Mi fans. Key content included sale festival announcements, detailed product specifications, enticing quizzes with attractive prizes, and more. Our goal was to establish a strong and lasting connection with our Mi fans through daily engaging content.



To establish Xiaomi as an international brand, my initial efforts were centered around defining the brand values, comprehending Xiaomi's unique selling proposition (USP), and establishing a consistent tone and voice for the brand. These guidelines played a vital role in shaping the visual representation of the brand on a global level.

In alignment with Xiaomi's core philosophy of prioritising its Mi fans, my work encompassed a range of touch points, including product launches, product presentations, community events, and social media engagement. The objective was to create authentic and engaging experiences that fostered a strong connection and meaningful interactions with Xiaomi's devoted fan base.